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Sailing in the Aegea...

Sailing in the Aegean Sea: be amazed in the Sporades Islands!

Sailing in the Sporades islands is fantastic thanks to the steady wind of Meltemi in summer.

Summer is coming: it’s time for sun, sea and… sailing! It is the most coveted moment for every sailor, one in which he can leave the world behind, take off his anchor and head to his next destination. The aegean sea it’s a terrific destination for a cruises around thankful to the combination of clear water gin, large wind and beautiful beaches is a timeless combination that sailors simply cannot seem to resist – one cannot think why! This domain is perfect for those of you who are looking to truly get a heel off!

photo of boat in the Aegean Sea
A boat in the Aegean Sea

Discover the stunning Aegean!

Few seas are as fascinating as the Aegean: the place that was the backdrop to the Odyssey and hundreds of other myths of the ancient world offers a unique spectacle in the world. White villages clinging to the rock looking from above jagged coasts, the bright sunlight, the crystal clear sea, churches such as the famous Evangelismos tis Theotokou, the castles and monasteries of Mount Athos, united to the millenary history are just some of the wonders that characterize this corner of paradise.

The beautiful scenery you can encounter while sailing in the crystal clear waters are breathtaking!The coast features sun-blasted rock plunging into astringently cobalt sea dotted with the flared bows of traditional fishing boats. This vision of Greece we know well from films, such as Mamma Mia, but there is so much more to the landscape. The Peloponnesian coast is located close to the western side of the stunning and fashionable Aegean islands . Here, terracotta and earth-toned homes can be found nestled among imposing crags, where soaring mountains plunge through fertile foothills to meet the sea in front of wide beaches lined with milky pebbles. Including both of these contrasting regions in your Aegean voyage will both enhance your experience and make sailing more enjoyable: meet in your journey the Cyclades and the Sporades!

Sailing in the Aegean Sea
The Aegean Sea and a boat

Sailing in the Sporades Island

The Sporades are undoubtedly among the most beautiful islands of Greece: they have such a soft wind since they are protected from the northern wind (Meltemi) that blows over the Aegean Sea during the summer months. Thus, Sporades offers a relaxed sailing trip that is perfect for families and groups looking for a relaxing vacation on a sailing yacht.

This archipelago still little frequented by tourists, consisting of eleven islands and islets that once were united to the continent as suggested by their proximity to the coasts of Evia and Pelion, offers wonderful beaches, exceptional marine reserves, youth attraction and a lot of food experiences! 

Sailing by wind in the archipelago of Sporades, you can meet beautiful islands such as Skiathos (if you do not depart from the port of this island), Skopelos, Alonissos, Hrisi Milia, Peristera, Patiriri, Kyra Panagia.

With its central location and three ports, the island of Skopelos, in particular, provides an excellent base from which to explore this magnificent archipelago. There is no need to worry about accommodation: the Secret Sporades residence offers apartments for every need, with direct views of the Aegean Sea to immerse yourself even more in the magical atmosphere of the Sporades Islands.


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