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Snorkeling: the best...

Snorkeling: the best spots to dive

Those who go to Greece should not miss the opportunity to do some snorkeling and the Sporades offer one of the best places to practice this activity.

Few seas in Europe can match the charm and beauty of the Greek. With such crystal clear waters and a temperate climate, the Aegean is perfect for all activities and water sports: sailing, surfing, kayaking and especially snorkeling. The waters of Greece have a very rich marine biology, so much so that it is the perfect destination for diving lovers.

Where to snorkel in Sporades

Among the many archipelagos that populate the sea of Greece, the Sporades is undoubtedly one of the best for diving. Generally speaking,snorkeling can be practiced off every island in the archipelago but there are some locations that we especially recommend:


Let’s start our list with one of the small islands around Alonissos: Ghioura. It is located northeast of the main island (16 nautical miles), after Kyra Panagia (2 nautical miles), and is a wild and very mountainous atoll: practically an impregnable fortress. This untouched nature makes it the perfect spot for snorkeling: its waters are transparent, its seabeds full of life and is frequented by the rare monk seal.


Another good place to snorkel is Psathoura in the far north. It is a volcanic island partially sunk into the sea, just emerging from the waves, with a white beach and a sort of lagoon to be envied at the coral atolls of the Maldives. Here the sea offers a unique spectacle: in fact, according to myths, in these waters would be the ancient sunken city of Halonnesos. What looks like remains of walls and roads on thebottom are probably just rocks stacked in regular shapes.


To the southeast of Skiathos, the smallest of the Sporades Islands, lies the islet of Tsougkria, also known as Tsoungria or Tsougra. It is a beautiful island, completely uninhabited since 2011. A wild, uncontaminated place, with really beautiful and suggestive beaches and coves: the perfect setting for snorkeling or diving.

Maratha Beach

About 10 km from Skiathos Town is Maratha Beach, a long and thin strip of sand surrounded by pine trees that offer shelter from the scorching sun. Excellent spot for snorkeling, the underwater fauna and flora are very rich and allow you to fully admire the charm of the Greek sea. It often happens that you can even swim with curious swans from nearby Koukounaries.These, in our opinion, remain the best spots for snorkeling in the archipelago. For you,lovers of the sea and its wonders, the resort Secret Sporades offers its apartments, overlooking the Aegean and equipped with every comfort for your holidays in Greece.


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