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How to reach Skopelos

How to reach Skopelos

The fastest way to reach the island of Skopelos is to use the plane and airport of the island of Skiathos easily connected by ferry. There are several companies that offer direct flights that can be easily consulted on the Skiathos airport website.
A lot of main airports offer direct flights to Skiathos such as London, Wien, Manchester, Paris. Too busy to organize your transfer? No worries! Just call us in advance… and we are taking care of you! Upon your arrival, we will organize a transfer that will accompany you directly to our structure and you will only have to think about enjoying the moment of your holiday. We will help you to give you all the information you need! The ferry connection costs are not included and depend on the type of ship and port of arrival.
To arrange your transfer, contact us at least 2 weeks before your arrival at +393292122348 or info@secretsporades.com

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How to reach Skopelos

The island of Skopelos can also be reached by ferry (the island has two main ports).

Here are the main routes and companies:
• Port of Volos: duration: 2.30 – 4.15 hours depending on the boat type and port of arrival.
• Timetables & fares: Hellenic Sea Ways – Aegean Flying Dolphins – ANES ferries
• Port of Thessaloniki: duration 4.15 hours Timetables & fares: SeaJet.
• Port of Agios Konstantinos: duration: 5.00 hours Timetables & fares: ANES Ferries.
• Port of Kymi [Evia island]: duration: 3.00 hours Timetables & fares: SNE ferries
• Port of Mantoudi [Northwest Evia Island]: duration: 1.00 – 3.15 hours depending on the boat type and port of arrival. Timetables & fares: ANES Ferries, SeaJets.

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