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Eating in Skopelos: ...

Eating in Skopelos: the best dishes and locals

The Sporades not only offer beautiful landscapes and a beautiful sea: even the food is an integral part of the charm of these places and so here are our tips for eating in Skopelos

A holiday is not only made of places to see and places to explore…but also of flavors to discover. The gastronomic side of a journey is in fact a very important aspect and the Greek cuisine, with its millenary history, is full of delicious and unique dishes, capable of conquering even the most demanding palate. In particular, the island of Skopelos, in the Sporades archipelago, offers an experience full of unique aromas and tastes. So here are our tips on where and what to eat in Skopelos.

Eating in Skopelos: traditional dishes and foods

In its majestic nature, Skopelos looks like a peak that rises from the waters. Its dense vegetation extends from the top of Mount Delphi to the deep turquoise and blue of the sea. For this particular conformation that combines coast and hinterland, the cuisine of Skopelos offers excellent dishes of both land and sea.

As with most of the Greek islands, Skopelos also produces goat’s milk from which they prepare excellent cheeses and of course also feta. Plum and apricot trees can be found everywhere, whose fruits from sweet nectar have become the ingredients of many typical local dishes.For the rest, in Skopelos you can find and taste all the traditional Greek dishes such as the characteristic mesedes, the Greek pita bread, the tasty mousakka, the souvlakiskewers and even the ouzo, the aniseed liqueur to drink strictly iced.

Where to eat in Skopelos

The island offers several bars, including diner, restaurants and taverns, where you can quietly enjoy the typical cuisine of Skopelos. For those who want some advice, here is a small list of places that, in our opinion, are worth a visit.

Ristorante Agnanti Glossa

One of the most important restaurants of the island, located in the village of Glossa and with a breathtaking view of the sea. Go at sunset, sip a good glass of wine and start tasting the chef’s delicacies. Octopus is delicious, so tzatziky and broad bean sauce. Lamb served with toasted pita is one of the highlights of the place, really good.The raw materials come almost all from the island, the service is impeccable and the flavors balanced.

For those who want seafood flavors you can order sea rice or, alternatively, a pastina they call “barley” topped with seafood. Finally, you should taste at least a slice of Lefkada salami with a smoky flavor, accompanied by local cheese. The bill is medium-high, but always lower than a restaurant of the same level in Italy.

Tavern Ta Kymata

It is the last tavern on the port of Skopelos and the oldest in terms of seniority. At Ta Kymata you eat good local cuisine at cheap prices. The menu is quite extensive and also includes international dishes, but our advice is to remain traditional dishes: cheesecake (tiropita), fried cheese, tzatziky (with “secret recipe”) and moussaka. As for fish dishes, always ask for the catch of the day so as not to take the risk.Do not miss the bakedpotatoes seasoned with lemon and aromatic herbs. Pair your dinner with a glass of retsina, the traditional Greek wine flavored with Aleppo pine resin, and I assure you that you willcome out satisfied. Every evening, to accompany the service, you will also find a pleasant duo of musicians playing traditional Greek music.

Tavern Stella

You can only get there if you have the car, but believe when I tell you it’s worth it. It is a small traditional, uncrowded tavern with a beautiful view of the Aegean Sea, on the way to the beach of Agios Konstantinos. The specialty of the place are vegetables, which the owner grows directly in her private garden. Among the dishes to try absolutely recommend the aubergines imàm bayild, fried vegetables and Greek salad.

If you are not a vegetarian, the menu also includes dishes such as fried cheese, meatballs, fish soup and squid with onions. The atmosphere is almost familiar, the welcome is warm and the service very friendly.Our last tip, however, is to go around the islandand try for yourself all the various gastronomic locations that the island has to offer. For you, lovers of good food, the resort Secret Sporades offers apartments with independentkitchen, where you can also bring a chef by reservation to make your lunches and dinners unique and wonderful experiences.