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Mamma Mia! A film it...

Mamma Mia! A film itinerary

The Sporades archipelago, besides being a beautiful natural paradise, is also famous for having been the backdrop to the movie Mamma Mia! , the famous musical

Greece: land of history, sea…and cinema. Among the crystal clear waters and the picturesque villages of the Hellenic peninsula, in fact, several films have been shot, including Mamma mia! The famous musical inspired by ABBA’s greatest hits. The film has quickly become a cult among fans and even now, almost 15 years after its release, continues to dance and excite fans around the world.

Mamma Mia!: a journey more than a movie

The plot of Mamma Mia! It can be summarized in a few lines: the film tells the story of Sophie, a young woman now close to marriage, raised by her single mother Donna on an island of Greece. Determined to be accompanied to the altar by her father, Sophie invites to the wedding the 3 great youthful loves of Donna, hoping to find out who of them is her real father. The film immediately received the favor of the public and the first weekend that came out in American cinemas grossed 27 million dollars in just 3,000 cinemas, achieving the best debut record of all time for a musical.

Based on the musical of the same name, the film is famous mainly for 3 reasons: the soundtrack based on songs by ABBA, the Oscar performance by Meryl Streep and the dream locations. The latter are perhaps the greatest strength of the film, as they manage to transport the viewer directly into the atmosphere typical of Greece and remain engraved in his memory even after the vision is over.

The locations of the film

Most of the film was shot in the Sporades archipelago. For those interested in retracing the milestones, we want to propose a small itinerary of some of the most iconic locationsin the film scattered between the islands of Skopelos and Skiathos:

Church of Agios Ioannis Kastri

Probably the most famous and visited location of Mamma mia! This small church is the site of the “near marriage” between Sophie and Sky and also the stage where Meryl Streep performed her performance of The winner takes it all.

Located about an hour’s drive north-east from Skópelos, the church of Agios Ioannis Kastri is a scenic Orthodox church that rises on a high rock surrounded by the sea and can only be reached by a challenging staircase of 105 steps.

Amarantos Rocks

South of Skópelos and within easy walking distance of Agnondas Village, Amarantos Rocks is located. This particular rock, immersed in turquoise waters and adorned with three large trees, was used for the scene of the picnic of Sophie with her three alleged fathers.

Church of Agios Nikolaos

Another charming place used in the film is the clock tower of the church of Agios Nikolaos, overlooking the new port of Skiathos from thehill and dedicated to the patron saint of sailors. From the tower you can enjoy a breathtaking landscape across the coastline and is also the place from which Sophie goes to post the invitations for her wedding guided by the notes of I have a dream.

Old Port

Among the most characteristic locations of the island that appear in the movie Mamma Mia! We cannot fail to mention the Old Port. Since ancient times the bay between Akropils and Boutzi has been the natural landing place of the island and today it hosts mainly yachts, fishing boats and pleasure boats. The part in front of the port is full of bars, taverns and cafes and you can breathe the typical air of a Greek sea port, where you can also observe the typical Kaiki, the wooden fishing boats.

Getting to Sporades is not difficult: between ferries and low cost charter flights, there are several options to reach the archipelago. If you are wondering where to stay, do not worry: the Secret Sporades resort, with its private apartments equipped with all comforts, is ready to welcome you to give you the best experience for your holidays in Greece.