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Skopelos: the island...

Skopelos: the island in the Sporades Arcipelago for natural beauties!

Skopelos offers some of the best beaches on the Sporades. Discover it!

As one of the filming locations for the Hollywood film Mamma Mia, Skopelos has become one of the most well-known Greek islands. The picturesque church of Agios Ioannis Kastri, where the movie’s wedding scenes were filmed, is known as the Mamma Mia church! Skopelos beaches are known for their clear waters and the lush greenery that surrounds them. Skopelos Greece has a unique quality in that it is densely forested, with pine trees growing densely until the water’s edge.

photo oa beach at the island in the Sporades Arcipelago
A beach in the Sporades Arcipelago

The best beaches in Skopelos: our list!

Skopelos is a small oasis of peace nestled in the Aegean Sea, less festive than the other nearby islands. The island, on the other hand, provides a transparent sea, beaches surrounded by greenery, and the option of choosing between remote, less-frequented coves and beaches with entertainment and services. Below is a small selection of beaches that we believe are among the most interesting.

  1. KASTANI BEACH: Kastani Beach is the only place to go if you want to experience some beach life. It is the most fashionable beach on Skopelos, located in the west of the island about twenty kilometers from the capital, and is almost entirely occupied by a bar that plays loud music. The bar is famous for its turf, an oasis of cool to relieve your feet when the sun scorches the beach’s pebbles.
  2. STAFYLOS BEACH: Stafylos is a narrow beach of mixed sand and pebbles on the east side of the south coast, just 4 kilometers from the island’s capital, Chora. It is popular with both tourists and locals because it combines the beauty of the natural scenery with ease of access. This beach is also directly linked to a myth: on the small promontory at the end of the coast is the tomb of King Stafylos, who is said to be the son of Dionysus and Ariadne and whose name the beach takes. A golden sword was discovered inside the tomb and is now on display at the Archaeological Museum of Athens.
  3. LIMNONARI BEACH: Limnonari is one of Skopelos’ few secluded beaches, with some rocky outcroppings here and there. It is positioned on the island’s southern coast, and it is a long, natural beach with pine trees almost at sea level. Limnonari, protected by a wind-blown arcipelago, is the ideal beach for enjoying the sea even on windy days. It is reached by traveling along a scenic road where it is possible to enjoy breathtaking views.
  4. PANORMOS BEACH: Panormos beach is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet, with equipped areas alternated with free areas and bathed by a crystal clear sea. A word of caution: the seabed becomes steep just a short distance from the shore, so be cautious if you are accompanied by children or are not strong swimmers. This beautiful white pebble beach set in a circular bay bordered by two high promontories is the most evocative place for an aperitif at sunset or a romantic dinner overlooking the sea… very close view, because the tavern tables are only one meter from the water. 
  5. PERIVLOU BEACH: Perivolou, a secluded sandy beach surrounded by pine trees reaching the sea level and impressive rock formations, is located far northeast of Skopelos. This beach can be reached on foot or by boat. It is 4 kilometers from Glossa and 30 kilometers from Skopelos Town.
  6. ADRINA BEACH: A walk through the woods north of Panormos and towards Milia will take you to the lovely Adrina area, which has many small and isolated coves that are often deserted and surrounded by pines. The land next to a hotel has been sold and is now fenced off from the road. The only way to get there now is on foot from Panormos beach or by boat.
  7. VELANIO BEACH: Velanio beach is located 5 kilometers south of Skopelos town and near the village of Stafilos, where a footpath leads directly to the beach. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with calm crystal waters and fine golden sand. It is shielded from strong winds. This lovely beach is completely unorganized and is surrounded by mountains and pine forests. It is the island’s only official nudist beach and a true marvel. Above the beach are Minoan archaeological finds thought to be the ruins of the Minoan king Stafilos’ palace. A royal tomb containing numerous valuable objects has also been discovered 

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