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History of kayak


According to the evidence of archaeologists, the kayak was born about 4,500 years ago to hunt and move along the coasts overlooking the Arctic Ocean, from the Aleutian Islands to Greenland. Even today it is an unsurpassed means for refinement of construction, lightness, speed and ability to navigate with the wind.

The kayak is the only boat remained equal to itself over the millennia: small, light and quiet, it is very maneuverable, fishing little, can face long navigations and, like no other boat, allows a very close and detailed view of stretches of the coast otherwise inaccessible.

An inclusive sport

Sea Kayak

“Sea Kayak” is a superb solution for all those, individuals, groups, families, people of any age, experienced paddlers or novices with a reasonable fitness level, that wish to have a low stress, active vacation. Warm, calm waters, scenic coastline, picturesque villages, rich history and culture, genuine hospitality, friendly service, attention to safety and equipment are some of the ingredients that will make your vacations unique.
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The adventure you don’t expect

The sea kayak is a real boat that allows you to travel exploring, fishing. Those who go by kayak respects and loves the environment by being able to move with a means of low environmental impact, just like the fishermen of once on board of gozzi or paranze colorful, moved by oars or sails.